My Life Is a Movie

My Life Is a Movie
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by David L.


Kayla Brown is living the classic struggle for acceptance and respect at the crossroads of her life: the upcoming senior spring dance, graduation, and a new love in her life that everyone seems to dislike. Her circle of friends included Tamika, clearly her opposite in every conceivable way, and Donovan, Tilden High School's star athlete as well as Tamika's boyfriend. Kayla's journey as she encounters dating, family drama, and tragedy clearly demonstrate how choices dramatically impact one's immediate future and the lives of those around them. She also believes the world revolves around her and very much like a critically-acclaimed movie - everyone should be paying attention to her every move!

The overall theme of the book strategically shifts from playful to cautionary with each passing page. As in real life, Kayla, Tamika, and Donovan are engrossed in drama, danger, and at times, misfortune. Decisions are ultimately made, and as a result, repercussions are inevitable. More importantly, see how each central character deals with their individual misfortune and the unexpected in their own unique way.

Paperback: 271 pages