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by Vesta Sithole

About the Book:

The purpose of the book is to educate the people about how Zimbabwe’s armed struggle was started and who participated in the beginning. The author seeks to clarify some misrepresentations of events as they have been described. The book tries to show the foresighted thinking of Rev. Sithole

About the Author:

The author was born Vesta Zvemwaida Saungweme in 1942, in the Eastern Highlands area of Melseter (Chimanimani), in then Southern Rhodesia. At the young age of 19, the author left her beloved home for Tanganyika, ending her nursing career midway to contribute to the liberation struggle. She crossed the Zambezi River with the political party ZAPU, which planned to form a government in exile. The author witnessed first hand the breakup of ZAPU, the formation of ZANU which she joined, and other subsequent parties. The author participated in Zimbabwe's journey to freedom by helping to recruit people for military training; sheltering some of the freedom fighters and fundraising for the party. She also helped by working in the ZANU office. As a result of her active participation in Zimbabwe's road to freedom, the author was harassed, jailed and subjected to mistreatment by both the Rhodesian forces and her fellow citizens. In 1967, the author married Tanzanian banker and economist Jackson Mwakalyelye, with whom she has four children. She was widowed in 1972. In 1980 the author married the liberation fighter and founder of ZANU, the late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole. To this day, the author is committed to speaking out against the injustices of her fellow citizens by the government of Robert Mugabe. Having sacrificed her life for the struggle to free Zimbabwe, the author strongly believes Zimbabweans deserve the freedom they fought for.

Paperback: 173 pages