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Artist: Geoffrey Oryema

Although his musical roots may lie in Uganda, experimentation is the name of the game on this album from Geoffery Oryema. Of his three albums on the Real World label, NIGHT TO NIGHT is by far the most ambitious. One thing that sets this album apart from the rest is that Oryema sings in both English and French (rather than Swahili) on each of the fourteen tracks. Stylistically, rock and other Western musical styles like folk-rock and R&B are flirted with over the course of the album, providing a sound that blends influences from America and Europe as well as Africa (which provides for cross-cultural accessibility). The highlight of the album is the gentle, emotive singing voice of Oryema, which adds potency and power to each track. One particular song of note is the closing tune "Bye Bye Lady Dame," a surprisingly tender tune that really showcases Oryema's vocal gifts.