Obi Divination

Obi Divination
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Afolabi A. Epega

Obi divination is the oldest form of divination systems known to mankind. It is based on a sacred kolanut called OBI ABATA which has four separable segments: two males and two females, representing the primary masculine and feminine forces of the universe. The introductory chapters examine the nature of the obi and provide the necessary guidelines for divining. The main part of this book deals witg the nine unique obi characteristics and their meanings in the sixteen single major odus of Ifa. The odus are the key to understanding the different patterns of change that the govern all life.

Obi divination is the guide that tells you what to do about your destiny, health, money, love and business relationships.

This obi divination book is useful for practitioners and all seekers of knowlege and wisdom

Paperback: 45 pages