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by Maulana Karenga

The Ethical Teachings

Translation and Commentary A Kawaida Interpretation BY MAULANA KARENGA

The Od If, the sacred text of the spiritual and ethical tradition of If, is one of the great sacred texts in the world and a classic of African and world literature. It is the unique sacred text of a world religion with its origins in Africa, and with orthodox and varied forms throughout the Western Hemisphere. Od If: The Ethical Teachings is the first of its kind. It is a compilation and translation of the ethical teachings of the Od If, with commentaries. This book serves as a model and inspiration for modern moral reflection on critical issues of our time. The richness of the selected Od If verses, coupled with the authors thoughtful translation and lucid commentaries, makes the book a tour de force, and a model for future research on similar texts from other parts of Africa. Dr. Maulana Karenga must be commended for this remarkable work.

Dr. Babatunde Lawal, Professor of Art History Virginia Commonwealth University

Paperback: 448 pages