Pimpin Ain't Easy: An Education on the Life

Pimpin Ain't Easy: An Education on the Life
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by Keith Curtis


In This Life You Either Pimp Or You Get Pimped! Get The Game Don't Let The Game Get You!

Listen Playboy I don't care what any of those fake "how to be a pimp/mack/player books" proclaim you can not learn how to become a pimp from reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a song. The only thing you can get from those mediums is some inspiration and maybe a very shallow insight of the game, "that is until now." You've got to have that certain spark in you if you want to be a real player. And if you've got that spark to want to become a true certified Player combine that with the genuine highly explosive game I provide you with in this book. With your spark and my knowledge you can't do anything but blow up big in the game, quite possibly to become the greatest player that ever lived.

There truly are only three ways that one can acquire successful pimp game in his life. The first one which is the longest, hardest and worst way and that is by trail and error. This means a lot of hit and miss screwing up, wasting time and trying to figure out things on your own until you finally find something that works, if you don't blow your girl in the process. Two is by an older "real player" that is still in the game or retired sitting you down and "schooling you." Which means giving you his knowledge first hand on what worked or works for him and then you've got to watch out that he is not just pretending to help you while all the time trying to "knock you". Or three the fastest, the safest, easiest and best way and that is by reading "Pimpin Aint Easy... An Education On The Life."

Before this book was written there was absolutely no source of comprehensive information on the subject of how to have a successful career as a pimp. There are a number of "My Life As A Pimp" books but until now no book ever existed that educated one on how to truly make a very successful living in "The Life" on any and every conceivable level possible.

What happened to the game? Are you looking to make "your mark" in "The Life" or know somebody that is? Do you think you've got what it takes but just lack the personal experience? Are you tired of hearing about what worked back then and want to know what really works right now? Are you a potential Superstar in "The Game" just waiting for your chance to shine? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions or you just want to expand your knowledge of the secret lifestyle of Players and Pimps then read on. This book is not a biography, a diary or a collection of anyone's memoirs. It is a genuine and factual accounting of the pimping industry, community, lifestyle and legend. Inside the covers of this book you will learn everything one needs to know on how to actually make a living as a Pimp and much, much more. Here's what you get in this book...


I got my feet wet in the game when I was only 17 years old and was in the game for over 30 years. And in those 30 years I had gone from Park Avenue to park bench and back again. How can you coach rookie Players on how to reach the top of the game if you've never been there and how can you warn them on how to avoid the bottom if you've never taken a fall? " You know it's hard out here for a Pimp" I wish I had read an instructional book like this one when I first got in the game but no such book like this one ever existed, until now!

Paperback: 278 pages