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by Carl Weber

National bestselling author Carl Weber returns with another page-turner full of family drama. The Duncan family are no strangers to sibling rivalry, heartbreak, or the high price of getting played—even when it's by one of their own. But when the outside world becomes just as tumultuous as the home front, the Duncans are going to have step up and grow up. Trent Duncan did a good job holding his family together after his dad died. He'd kept his little sister out of trouble and taught her about life. It's just too bad he couldn't do the same for himself. Now he's the man your momma always warned you about: charming, smooth talking—and jobless. He's got a phony business card and a line for every situation—and every conquest. But the ultimate player is about to play himself right outta the game. Because a couple of Trent's ex-girlfriends are about to make him wish he'd listened to his momma.

The only person Trent can't seem to get around anymore is his big brother, Wil. Wil's got problems of his own. He thought he was happily married, until his wife, Diane, stopped being intimate with him. She's got her reasons, but if she doesn't explain herself soon, she may lose her husband to his voluptuous—and lusty—new secretary.

Meanwhile, little sister Melanie is all grown up and sure she's met her prince—literally. Prince may be a friend of Trent's, but the two men are like night and day. Prince is the kind of man Melanie would like to have kids with. Trouble is, she's not alone.

Pretty soon, these three very different siblings have something in common—they're all in hot water. And they need to find a way to help themselves—and each other—before they get burned.

Hardcover: 263 pages