Practitioner's Handbook for the IFA Professional

Practitioner's Handbook for the IFA Professional
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by Aina Adewale-Somadhi

"Chief FAMA unites arcane with mundane in yet another classic of If literature. This book is a must for...library...." -- Dr. Medicine Hawk Wilburn, author of Urban Santeria: New World Magic For Urban and Suburban Populations

Practitioners' Handbook for the If Professional was written with the initiated, practicing Babalwo and ynf in mind. It is awesome! -- Oloye Chief Ifabowale Sohma Somadhi, MA

--b: from Oyeku Ogb (Oyekuu Logb) and Ogb rosn (Ogb-Dsnm) --IF ipabi (If chant prior to breaking ob bt for libation) --IF chant for omi tutu (If chant when using omi tt for libation) --IF chant for ase (from Ose tr) --ELEMENTS OF EBO: (1) Ebo against Ik (death) (2) Ebo against j (quarrel) (3) Ebo against rnj (journey) (4) EBo for Prosperity (5) Ebo for Ire (good fortune) (6) Ebo to have a Child (7) Ebo for a Peaceful Life (8) Ebo for Victory (9) Ebo against ejo (litigation) --Ew for Minor If Work ... --If/rs Grove... --Ifa chant when making ebo to su --Ifa chant when offering oti to Orunmila-from Owonrin Odi (Owonrin Sdin) --Omi ero --IF aseta (If chant to repel curse) --koseday --Yanle (known as 'ase' in the Diaspora) --Eerindinlogun, eejo, and eerin (cowrie Shell Divinatio) --YORB words of wisdom --YORB GRAMMAR --Much more educative information!

Paperback: 344 pages