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by J. J. Murray

Renee and Jay took my breath away. I absolutely loved the way ‘Giovanni’ loved ‘Renee’. This book focused on so many types of love (the love between ‘Renee; and ‘Jay’; the love between ‘Pops’ and his late wife ‘Ruth’; the love between ‘Christina’ and ‘Alexis’; the love between ‘Mama’ and ‘Michael’; and the love between ‘Collette’ and ‘Clyde’. Even if someone doesn’t understand anything else…they should understand love. As far as people having a problem with the book, they are entitled to their opinion, however, this book wasn’t about ‘Giovanni’ being dominated by ‘Renee’…it wasn’t about ‘Mama’ dominating ‘Renee’…it wasn’t about ‘Renee’ being a spokesperson for the entire Black race…it wasn’t about ‘Mama’s’ attitude towards Italians…and it wasn’t about whatever other problem readers had with the book (though I don’t see what possible problems they could have with it)-it was about people being people-imperfect, flawed, prejudiced, and ultimately loved. It is a real portrayal of real people and real Life. Life is not always pretty-but Love is always beautiful. Some readers may not understand the dynamics of interracial relationships, then again how many of those readers have experienced interracial love. You can befriend/love someone from another race, and still retain some prejudices. It is not about prejudice it is about overcoming those prejudices, and ‘Renee’, ‘Pops’, ‘Mama’, and ‘Renee’ did overcome those prejudices. You can have a chart detailing the requirements of your fantasy love, however, Life often has other plans and as a result you often end up loving someone you never imagined you would. I was over the moon to read a book about a Black woman that wasn’t relegated to the role of victim, but uplifted to the role of ‘love of his Life’. I applaud JJ Murray and his wife…they make a great writing/editing team; and they make a beautiful family --- Raquel

Hardcover: 295 pages