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by Joylynn M. Jossel

Book Description:

The Root of all Evil is a written tale about the mortal passion for cash, dough, mullah, big money and the commodities that plenty of it can buy. This novel clutches your mind while taking it on an exhilarating expedition of the love, lust, craving, demand, need and want for the almighty dollar. This brain-entrapping thriller will have you asking yourself only two questions: What wouldn't you do for money? What would you do? Thirty-four-year-old, twice divorced, Klarke Taylor finds herself with two children and mediocre means of support. According to Klarke, it's a man's world, those men being Ben, Andrew, Abe and all the others who make it go round. Klarke is weary of not having the means to provide and live a cozy lifestyle. She's fed up with not being able to achieve simple self-deserving harmony. Klarke eases her burdens with Saturday morning window-shopping outings of which she is accompanied by her two coequal lady friends. They each find that this ritual is nothing more than part-time bliss and will no longer suffice their covetous appetites. Klarke and her confidants resort to devising shady methods to appease their ambitions.

Reo Laroque, on the other hand, couldn't find himself in a better position. This best-selling author, after signing a generous book contract and receiving a multiple book deal, is right where he always dreamed of being in life. He has it all…everything except for a virtuous woman to claim as his own. Women come in groves for this high-ticketed bachelor, but love don't come at all.

Is it circumstance that brings Klarke into contact with Reo or is it due karma? Will they find what they are lacking in their own lives in one another? In order to procure their desires underlies an immense toll. Eventually the breaking point is separating wants from needs and bona fide hunger from unadulterated greed.

Become entangled in this suspenseful and twisted journey of the morally forbidden. The Root of all Evil is a sequence of hard-core unpredictable mind trips. Come take a ride!

Paperback: 271 pages