The Sacred Ifa Oracle

The Sacred Ifa Oracle
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by Afolabi A. Epega (Translator), Philip John Neimark (Translator), Philip John Neimark (Preface by)


The Ifa Oracle is an ancient African divination system that has been passed down orally through the generations. Like the hexagrams of the I Ching, the odus - or stories - that comprise the oracle are consulted for their sage advice and wisdom regarding life questions. Now, for the first time, the 256 sacred stories of the Ifa Oracle have been translated into English by Dr. Afolabi Epega, a fifth-generation Nigerian babalawo, or Ifa priest. Both classic and Western interpretations by Dr. Epega and American babalawo Philip Neimark clearly illuminate each translation, setting the context for using and understanding the power of Ifa wisdom in modern life.

Paperback: 549 pages