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by Adria Husband

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In life no one’s journey is the same. We all face our individual challenges. Our journey as women is unique. Each encounter we have, every experience we go through, shapes us in some way. Some events occur and barely cause a ripple in our lives, while others send shockwaves throughout our entire being. No matter the magnitude of these events, they are all our teachers. In love we learn the greatest lessons. We discover our desires, our limitations, the intensity of our feelings, the passion in our hearts, and the strength of our spirits that allow us to persevere. It is believed that pain is a process that forces change. This is a book of change.

These are poems of those events that as time passes, never fade from memory. They become the seeds of change that transform us into the individuals we are today. These are poems of a woman’s journey, the seeds of where she is from.

About the Author Adria Husband is a twenty-five year old Chicago native who brings a unique voice to the poetry arena. With the release of her first collection of poetry, she reveals the most intimate details of her love (and hate) relationships. Through her honest expression, she will inevitably strike a resounding chord within her readers.