Sixteen Myhological Stories of IFA (Itan Ifa Merindinlogun)

Sixteen Myhological Stories of IFA (Itan Ifa Merindinlogun)
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by Fama A. Somadhi

This book is a trail blazer. Traditional, oral wisdom finally compiled and shared with the world. The stories have roots that are ancient and deep. In this book there are sixteen stories from the two hundred and fifty six (256) Odu Ifa. These are powerful, fascinating stories which are hundreds of years old, yet with messages that are applicable to our lives today.

Each story includes a chant from the actual Odu, a narration and a message (ase). Reading Sixteen Mythological Stories of Ifa (Itan Ifa Merindinlogun) will move you toward a better understanding of Ifa. If you are unfamiliar with If and the rich tradition of Yoruba, but have wondered what it is all about, this book is for you. It provides an excellent introduction to the rich mythology of the Yoruba which has, until now, been passed along orally for hundreds of years.

In addition to the stories, the book includes a very welcomed chapter/section for the professional practitioner which gives insight into the complex requirements for being a true Babalawo. This chapter makes the world aware of Ifa (Yoruba) as a serious and real religion which compares favorably with any of the world religions, and that a Babalawo is trained for his profession.

This masterful book, along with Chief FAMA's first book, FUNDAMENTALS OF THE YORUBA RELIGION (ORISA WORSHIP), illuminates the ancient and sacred tradition of the Yoruba. It is presented in a clear and easy style, yet with the depth that could only come from one who has researched, studied and lived the tradition.

Paperback: 178 pages