Snakes in the Pulpit

Snakes in the Pulpit
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by Reuben Armstrong


It's all a game preachers' play, and these days, you have to have a personal relationship with God, or you will never have the discernment to recognize the game! The fact is, the only reason a prosperity message works is because we live in a materialistic society where the average church member is more focused on making money and earning great wealth than he or she is with the Lord.

This gay man of God went on to tell me that the music department, in particular, was fertile ground for homosexual activity. Music is commonly known as a place where brothers can express themselves in say, a spiritedly, flamboyant manner.

These pimps are watching over your checkbook and your underage child, not your soul. Have you ever heard these pimps say God wants you debt free? Right, the reason for them to continue to feeding that line of crap to you is so that you can have more money to give to them and their families' lifestyles. They are flaunting all their worldly materialistic goods and covering it with twisted scriptures to keep people giving to their corporate empires. As they get richer, they won'teven help with your grocery or gas bills. What's really scary is that we continue to fall for these tricks

Paperback: 188 pages