Sunny's Adventure

Sunny's Adventure
Item# 9780980245608

Product Description

by Leketha Marie Johnson, Shawn McCann

Adventures chronicles the crime-solving exploits of Sunny, an intrepid young sleuth with a knack for cracking tough cases. No matter the item, animal, or personal effect that has gone missing, the gregarious detective remains on the ready to take up the challenge of locating it, ultimately saving the day. In the five short stories that comprise the book, Sunny embarks upon on a series of different quests throughout her neighborhood and school environments, each time on the hunt for something of value that has inexplicably disappeared. In order to solve the mysteries, she relies on her keen power of deduction in analyzing & interpreting the various clues available that lead to the ultimate answers. With a quick thought process and sharp reasoning, Sunny is the trusted name that any neighbor would call when they need an emergent mystery solved. Kudos to Leketha Johnson for penning such an engaging, entertaining collection of stories that readers of all ages are sure to enjoy. Each storyline is a well-crafted, enjoyable journey through the world of a precocious child on a mission to make things right. Sunny¿s affable, eager-to-please personality is a treat to follow, and the selflessness she displays in remaining committed to equal justice is a welcome delight. Also notable are the detailed drawings accompanying the text, highlighting each of Sunny¿s sleuthing adventures. Illustrator Shawn McCann is to be commended for his efforts, which contribute greatly to bringing Sunny and the splendor of her surrounding world to life. The first installment of what promises to be an exciting new series, Sunny¿s Adventures is a welcome addition to the world of children¿s literature. Highly recommended. Rhonda Carver Apex Reviews

Paperback: 52 pages