The Top 25 Things Black Folks Do That We Need To Stop!!!

The Top 25 Things Black Folks Do That We Need To Stop!!!
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by Demico Boothe, Michael Oryan Obama (Editor)


THE TOP 25 THINGS BLACK FOLKS DO THAT WE NEED TO STOP!!! is a compilation of acute intellectual censure of certain longstanding belief systems, traditions, and activities that many African-Americans have held and practiced, both historically and presently. In this critical and very well articulated thesis, the authors specify and expound upon 25 problematic issues that are adversely affecting blacks in America: Issue #1: Black on Black Crime Issue #2: Acting As if AIDS is Not a Black Disease Issue #3: Calling Each Other "Nigga" Issue #4: Hating on Each Other and Trying to Hold One Another Back (Being Easily Divided) Issue #5: Gangbanging Issue #6: Worshipping & Displaying White Depictions of God and Jesus Issue #7: Calling the Preacher (and the Preacher only) Whenever Something Goes Wrong in the Black Community Issue #8: Marching Issue #9: Getting Rich & Famous....Then Marrying White Women (Black Men) Issue #10: Expecting White Folks to Solve Our Problems for Us Issue #11: Expecting Racism to Magically Disappear Issue #12: Trying Too Hard to Integrate & Assimilate Issue #13: Becoming Sellouts & Uncle-Toms in Order to Get a Little Power & Money Issue #14: Allowing Competing Groups & Races to Own Nearly All the Businesses in Our Communities Issue #15: Thinking and Operating as Individuals and Start Thinking and Operating Moreso as a Group Issue #16: Calling Ourselves Christians without Knowing Anything about the History, Authorship, and Origin of the Religion Issue #17: Allowing Ourselves to be Mistreated, Abused, Disrespected, and Taken Advantage Of by Other Groups Issue #18: Glorifying Violence, Drug Dealing,and Black on Black Crime in Our Music (Rappers) Issue #19: The "Baby Mama" "Baby Daddy" Syndrome Issue #20: Spending Too Much Money on Clothing, Entertainment, & Other Non-Appreciating Items Issue #21: Engaging in Stupid Fads (Spinning Rims, Gaudy Jewelry, Cosmetic Gold Teeth, Sagging Pants, etc.) Issue #22: Acting Ignorant While on T.V. (Court Shows, Cop Shows, News Programs, Reality T.V. Shows, and Music Videos) Issue #23: Celebrating Holidays like The 4th of July and Thanksgiving Issue #24: Selling Illegal Drugs, Getting Enough Money to Start a Legitimate Business, and STILL Continuing to Sell Drugs Issue #25: Ignoring the 25 Things Listed in This Book Intended to be a wake up call for Black America, this book is sure to generate not just awareness but also inspiration for what many believe is overdue collective contemplation and self-correction within communities of color all across the nation.

Paperback: 248 pages