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by Elizabeth Atkins Bowman

Beautiful, biracial Taylor James is a woman with a mission: to peacefully fight racism wherever she can. As an undercover television journalist, she infiltrated a vicious white-supremacy group that worked to destroy people like herself. Her award-winning reporting landed the white supremacists in jail. But now the men she put away are due to be released. And they have a mission: to destroy Taylor James. The past three years have brought other changes to Taylor's life. She's finally gotten over the rejection of Julian DuPont who dumped her in college without any explanation. She's found love again, in the arms of Philip Carter, the powerful owner of the Wolf Media Corporation. Will she survive until the wedding? The white supremacists have infiltrated networks Taylor thought she could trust - they hamper he ability to do her job. The death threats strain her relationship with Philip. But not as much as the reappearance of Julian, who wants her back

Hardcover: 349 pages