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by Sam Nujoma

Political determination, diplomatic endeavour, and military perseverance ~ all focused with singular vision and unwavering constancy on Namibia's goal of nationhood ~ have been the hallmarks of the life and career of Sam Nujoma. From a traditional boyhood, to a player on the international political stage, to the Presidency of his country, SAM NUJOMA tells his life story. It is at once unique and representative of the lives of men and women engaged with him in their battle for freedom from the last vestiges of Western colonialism in 20th century Africa. Where Others Wavered, The Autobiography of Sam Nujoma is a genuine adventure in contemporary history, relating the story of SWAPO, Nujoma and the people of Namibia in their long struggle for the Independence of Namibia.

Contents1 Background and Early Years 2 Walvis Bay and Windhoek 3 The Formation of the Ovamboland People's Organization (OPO) 4 Political Confrontation: the Popular Windhoek Uprising 5 Escape from South West Africa 6 Ghana and the United Nations 7 The Establishment of the SWAPO Office in Dar-es-Salaam 8 Preparation for Armed Liberation Struggle 9 Sixteen Hours in Windhoek 10 The Hague Court ~ A 'Mockery of Justice' 11 From Caprivi to Omugulu-gOmbashe 12 The Struggle Intensifies on All Fronts 13 Workers' Struggle and Diplomatic Advance 14 Worldwide Recognition 15 Waldheim Initiatives 16 Collapse of The Portuguese Empire in Africa 17 SWAPO ~ Home and Exile 18 Resolution 385 and the Kissinger 'Shuttle' 19 The Western Contact Group 20 US Policy towards Namibia in the 1970s and 1980s 21 Geneva and the Reagan Years 22 At the Height of the War, 1980~1985 23 From Strength to Strength, 1985~1989 24 In Sight of Victory 25 Final Days of the Struggle for Independence 26 Return to Windhoek, Independence and a New Beginning

Appendices, including: Inaugural Speech, 21 March 1990; Resolutions of the UN Security Council on South West Africa/Namibia, 1976~89, and Index

Hardcover: 496 pages