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by Ayo Salami

Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Perception of God 2. Some Orisa and Ebora a. Color preference of Orisa b. Obata;la; c. Sango; i. Punishment by Sango; d. Ogu;n i. Modern Day Relevance of Ogu;n 2b. e. Egu;ngu;n i. Owning an Egu;ngu;n f. Oso;osi g. Osanyin h. Ogbo;ni Ekun i. Other deities in Yoruba; land j. Sixteen cowry Divination k. Summary 2c. Esu a. Who is Esu? b. Esu and Satan c. Esu and Iku; d. Foods and Taboos of Esu e. Location and presentation of Esu f. Devotees of Esu 3. Oru;nmila a. Osu;hunle;yo the wife of Agbonniregu;n b. Apetebi; the wife of Oru;nmila c. Osun the wife of Oru;nmila d. The towns he had been e. Dressing f. Obi Ese, (obi Ose) g. Oru;nmila returned to heaven h. Life after Oru;nmila i. Oru;nmila is coming back j. Summary 4. Articles of Divination a. Arrival of Opele b. How Opele became a chain c. Ibo 5. Divination types, steps and methods a. How is divination done in Ifa;? First scenario b. Selection of Ikin from the bowl c. Second scenario d. Wish making of the client e. Ijuba of the Babala;wo f. Casting of the instrument i. Opele ii. Ikin g. Manipulation of Ikin, or Opele with the Ibo h. Good fortune, Ire i. What do we do for the Ire to come to us? ii. Ayewo, cross examination a. Cross Examination of the client b. Inquisition of Ebo and prescription c. Pin pointing the ebo d. Group divination e. Personal Divination f. Other functions of Ibo 6a. Verses of Ifa; g. Revelation of the verses of Ifa; h. Explanation of the verses to a layman i. Structure of Ifa; verses j. Coinage of names of Olu;wo 6b. Forms of Ifa; verses i. Prayers j. Adabo, Adimu; k. Incantations l. Proverbs 7a. Communication with the Divine World, Institute of Sacrifice m. Articles necessary for sacrifice 7b. Instructions on articles of sacrifice n. Scenarios of the Instruments to use o. Verses of Adimu; p. Days after the sacrifice q. Offering of Kola nuts r. Necessary steps for Kola nuts offering i. Coconut rind ii. Throwing the kola iii. Conclusion 8. Odu;n Ifa; 9. Sixteen major Odu a. Arrangement of Odu signature b. Taboos of Odu 10. First and second hands of Ifa; a. Functions of a hand of Ifa; b. Consecration of the Ikin c. Feeding d. Divination using the Ikin e. Limitation of this stage f. Prelude to initiation 11. Omo Awo a. Duties of Omo awo 12. Initiation a. What does Itefa; do? b. Getting Started c. Initiation of Women d. Repudiation of faith e. Summary 13. The priests of the religion a. What does a Babala;wo represents? b. Female Priests c. Dressing of Iya;ni;fa; 14. Chieftaincy titles a. Modern day contribution b. Basic Attributes of a chief of Ifa; c. Process of Disengagement of a chief of Ifa; 15. Drums and Dancing 16. Prayers for different times